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determination to protect the ecological environment of th●e Yellow River. The peace of the Yellow River is significant to the stability of China.● The country has stepped up efforts in conserving water source, controlling water and s●oil loss, solving pollution, improving industrial structure, as well as preserving and ●promoting cultural legacies of the Yellow River. Xi's frequent tours to the Yellow Rive●r indicate that more efforts are expected to be made in strengthening ecological protec●tion and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin. Ecological protection is a●n important guarantee that comes before development in Ch3

ina. The protection of the Yel●low River reflects the concept reiterated by Xi that lucid waters and lush mountains ar●e invaluable assets.At least eight people were reportedly killed, including Taiw〓an's top military official, after a helicopter made an emer〓gency landing in northern Taiwanon Thursday morning. Five s〓urvivors were found by the rescue team as of 1:30 p.m. loca〓l time, and one of them was trapped in the wreckage. CCTV 〓Photo Thirteen people were on board the Black Hawk helicopt〓er when the incident happened. The cause of the crash-landi〓ng remains unknown. Taiwan political leader Tsai Ing-wen, w〓ho is seeking re-election, promisex

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